Rocket Jewelry and Packaging


ROCKET is an experienced family business close to 100 years old. We bring four generations of experience to servicing the Retail Jewelry Display and Packaging Industry.Our foundation was built on being one of the most successful packaging companies in the jewelry industry. Today, ROCKET remains highly successful in packaging as well as merchandise presentation and is focused on the visual merchandising display of fine jewelry which is a major component of expressing your stores brand.We provide dedicated customer service throughout all phases of your project- Discovery, Development, Execution, and Evaluation

Our packaging comes in many sizes and styles, designed using materials as diverse as teak-wood, vinyl, leather and suede. ROCKET is built to support your needs whether you need a basic program or one that is unique to your brand.

  1. Packaging
  2. Displays
  3. Collection Boxes
  1. Watch Winders
  2. Special Offers